Cabo sportfishing

Cabo Sportfishing is like no other place on the planet.  Blue skies, clear water, amazing weather and the BIGGEST fish you could ever hope for!  Cabo San Lucas was a hidden treasure for decades, where people traveled from all over the world to experience the superior Cabo Sport Fishing.  After the building of the international airport, you no longer have to drive hundreds of miles to get here, just a quick flight from just about any city in the USA.

Sport Fishing In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

For those tourists who have fascination for fishing sports, there is no better place than the Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Mexican State. The city of Cabo San Lucas is popularly known as simply Cabo. The golden sand beach, rich in natural beauty, blue sky and busy but immaculately well maintained beach with all facilities is a heaven for tourist. The most pleasant weather of Cabo is yet another added feature which attracts thousands tourists round the year. In this beautiful environment and in the midst of the great ocean many tournaments and fishing events take place. Thousands of fishing enthusiast will take part in the Cabo sports fishing to catch the biggest fish possible. As many tour operators say, this is the biggest sports fishing event of the world. Enormous arrangements are made to make every tourist comfortable throughout their stay in Cabo.

The Sports Fishing Event:

Normally, the sport fishing event takes place between the coast of Pacific Ocean and the Cortez Sea. Separate events are held for professionals, amateurs  and even for fishing teams. Depending on the type of fish and the size of fish the price of the fish is decided. Normally, the price fixed varies between 120 to 150 dollars. The rules for the tournaments are announced in advance and every participant, be it individual or the team, will have to pay the prescribed entry fee. The species of fish normally found include sailfish, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Dorado and Swordfish. Of course there are other species of fishes which are rare to be found.

Hiring The Yacht:

Cabo is one of few places in the world where varieties of fishes are available in plenty. In fact, the place is rich in marine life and is considered to be most suitable place for scuba diving. For purposes of sport fishing event, many yachts are available on rent at varying rentals. The rentals normally include the yacht crew, fishing tackle, food including beer and arrangements for bagging the fish. It also includes charges for cleaning, taxes including license for fishing and all other charges. The rental would vary depending on the duration or the number of days the yacht is hired. Special packages are available depending on the season when the yacht is hired. Luxury yacht is also available which include Air condition Cabin, CD/DVD player, refrigerator, Microwave oven and all other facilities.

Other Tourist Interest:

Apart from sports fishing, the tourist can enjoy boating, scuba diving. The beach is abundantly equipped with water sports equipments. The beach has plenty of restaurants and bars where the tourist can relax enjoying the continent cuisines. All along the beach there are hotels and apartments where the tourist can enjoy the night stay on the precincts of the immaculately beautiful beach of Cabo. The rentals in the hotels are reasonable and those who visit during the off season are entitled to off season discount. Of course during the off season sports fishing event will not be held. Since the recent past, the Baja sportfishing has become popular throughout Europe.




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