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Cabo Vacations – Party, Fish And Relax

The magnetism of Cabo San Lucas is well known to all those lucky enough to have spent some time there. It is heralded as the go to place for a spring break worthy of the name, as wave after wave of American students seeking a hedonistic retreat will gladly confirm. Yet, Cabo is more than just a party town littered with hotels, nightclubs and bars, though these do have their merits and if that’s what you are looking for then Cabo is the place, it also boast one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the Mexican Pacific, known as the Mexican Riviera. Untouched, sandy beaches reminiscent of the most secluded desert island, a plethora of fauna and flora for the naturalists among you and to top it off, Cabo boasts some pretty impressive fishing credentials with healthy fish stocks, huge catches and an army of local experts on hand to captain any type of fishing adventure you can imagine.  For those wanting to appreciate the beauties of nature, the sea off of Cabo San Lucas is teeming with all manner of aquatic life.

Apart from these idyllic attributes Cabo is also lauded for its proximity to the US mainland and by extension, it is only a short plane flight from most major US cities. Should you be travelling from further away, then Cabo also has a recently built international airport with daily flights to cities all over the planet including Europe, South America and Asia.

As a relatively small town in the expansive Baja California peninsula with less than 100,000 inhabitants, the Baja coastal area is divided into three distinct areas that each has its own particularities. The Corridor, as it is called, houses the tourist resorts, condominiums and pristine sea fronts. This area is a pastiche of postcard perfect creeks and cliffs, undulating gently along the Baja cost, these attributes may explain why so many opt to retire in this lush natural corridor. Further away is Saint Lucas, known as a centre for debauchery, it’s the place to go if loud, fast and experience of a life time ring true to you. Cabo San Jose is more relaxed, with its historic city centre full of relics from colonial times – excellent for the cultural learning vacationer.

All in all, Cabo is a one stop destination regardless of what you deem a relaxing holiday. It can cater for all activities from sport fishing through to incessant partying, but most of all it remains a region of ornate natural beauty with many surprises for the curious traveler.


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