Cabo San Lucas Nightlife

With “what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo” the longtime mantra, you can expect just about anything on a sultry Cabo night. Let me qualify this – when I say Cabo, I mean the town of Cabo San Lucas, which is completely different from the 20-mile-long Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, and Cabo’s sister town of San Jose del Cabo, on the northeastern end of the Corridor. Together, these three distinct areas make up the tourist-oriented zones in Los Cabos. For those unfamiliar with the area, Los Cabos is a large municipality at the southern tip of Northwestern Mexico’s long narrow Baja California peninsula, located almost 1,000 miles southeast of San Diego, California.

Each area is decidedly different, making Los Cabos a versatile destination, with something to appeal to just about anyone. Cabo San Lucas’ nightlife reputation is legendary. Not only is it THE party town on the Baja California peninsula, it is considered Mexico’s Wild Wild West of hedonism.

From Los Cabos Guide